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170,000+ Video
Evangelism: 170,000 new Church-Nurtured Christians in 9 Years!

Africa Missions has trained over 2900 pastors and church leaders in personal evangelism, resulting in over 170,000 people giving their hearts to Jesus through personal evangelism!!! PTL!!! (Read more)



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South Sudan

We are thrilled to announce that we entered South Sudan in March 2015 and taught 235 pastors and leaders to win people to Jesus in 4 day training clinics in 3 different locations!


This the world’s newest nation has been war-torn, before and after its birth and is in need of a peaceful environment to flourish and live. Africa Missions has come to uplift the pastors by training leaders in personal evangelism and discipleship to expand the Church of Jesus!


To all who prayed and contributed—you made it happen! Thank you!


Our Goals in the next 3.5 years in South Sudan:

Hold 12 Training Clinics for 750 Pastors,

Who will lead in winning 30,000 New Christians, and

planting 500 New Churches!


25 Trained Teams x 1 Hour = 183 New Christians!!!

After the first of three Evangelism Training Clinics this is the report—

March 13, 2015 —We sent the clinicians out for “on the job” training. 183 souls were led to the Lord by 25 teams in less than an hour! There is a lot of enthusiasm in Juba Christian Centre right now! —Ron Kinnear


These pastors have been trained and instructed to reach out to these new converts and continue to teach them and nurture them in the church.


• Click to read more and see the South Sudan Album!!!


Click to view 2 videos we made before we went


We will return in September for a Celebration and more training. The Celebration is a great time together, when those trained report the number of people they have won to Jesus! And we will be holding more Evangelism Training Clinics.