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Evangelism: 170,000 new Church-Nurtured Christians in 9 Years!

Africa Missions has trained over 2900 pastors and church leaders in personal evangelism, resulting in over 170,000 people giving their hearts to Jesus through personal evangelism!!! PTL!!! (Read more)



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South Africa, Botswana, Burundi, Suriname, Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania, & now South Sudan, Ethiopia!!!





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21-09—Many believers have been called to missions, and many have responded. But few have been equipped! With the acquisition of Missions Exposure and Training (MET), we plan to mobilize the African church to participate in the full spectrum of missions. We will offer specialized courses that will enable African missionaries to partner with existing churches, addressing real needs. For instance, the refugee crisis in Europe has brought millions of destabilized people that could and should have been evangelized. We need to finish paying off the MET properties so we can get this training started! Offered to us at the cost of the original investment that the seller purchased them, there is not even a charge for the vehicles, furniture, office equipment, linen, kitchenware, etc.! Pray and believe with us that the Lord will meet our need. (Read more)

Even when the epicentre of the third wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic storm has hit South Africa, we have the victory of hundreds of young women trusting in Jesus as their Savior in Kenya. Click to read.




We are expanding to mobilize the broader church to missions! Missions Exposure and Training, an organization with great facilities and an established training program to mobilize the church in missions offered us their entire ministry at what it cost them initially to acquire the property! This includes four properties, furniture, and fittings to accommodate 40 students, office equipment, and three vehicles! (click to read more!)




(Click to read more) We are praying, planning, and going in His Power to empower the local church to grow itself in AFRICA! Click the picture to see all the things we are doing and our organizational chart. Thabo van Wyk is now our Director of Portfolios.





Remembering Africa Missions' Friend—Gary Gilmore

After pastoring 40+years in the USA, Gary Gilmore and his wife moved to South Africa in 2014 to be our administrator. We so ejoyed our time together, but very sadly, he recently passed away. He is dearly missed. Free Gift!  (Click picture to read more.)






We Are in a Battle for the Hearts of the People of Ethiopia!

 October 2020—Marching through the continent of Africa with the Cross of Jesus lifted high is my dream and vision from my early days of pastoring. With a deep love for the people of our continent, our goal and high-calling is to bring people to Jesus from Cape Town to Cairo! We rejoice in 200,000 new church-nurtured Christians already, and we want many more! The enemy hates this quest and tries to stop us from succeeding, and tries to stop us, but we will not be stopped. (Click picture to read more)





Ron Kinnear dreams have been expanded by Nigel Ellis from the U.K., who with his team has purchased 2 properties next to our Rwandan campus! This will make our opportunities even greater! Click the picture to read more!











We have been able to do more during the lockdown period than when times were normal!

 (Click to read more)










Training and developing church leaders in Africa has always been very high on the agenda of Africa Missions and we are happy to announce that Dr. Vic Herbst who has joined us to help us advance our higher education!







I wanted to encourage you during these strange times. In South Africa, we are in the beginning of a 21-day lockdown, because of the COVID-19 virus. What should our response as believers be in these difficult days?



Feb. 2020—Pieter 'Thabo' van Wyk, who speaks isiZulu fluently has joined Africa Missions and recently traveled to Uganda for to lead a 2-week Empowerment Mission! Click the picture to learn more.





We Salute Reinhard Bonnke, Africa's Greatest Evangelist! Read more about our friendship with this great man, whose passion was also to see Africa saved.













Like the shepherds, we cannot help but tell others about our Savior! We rejoice in the 200,000+ new Christians the Africa Missions network has brought to Him and for you joining with us on this great mission! May you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year!






The Lord has positioned the Church in Africa for ‘such a time as this! Africa Missions who is now 25-years-old, relentlessly moved towards the north. We worked in all the southern African countries that opened to us. We crossed over the equator and kept going north, and we will soon find ourselves in Cairo!




We are having a Holy Spirit Invasion in Ethiopia in June, 2020! We would love for you to come with us! Click this text for the updated information!









It Started With A Dream...We laid the ground work for Africa Missions in 1993. In 1994, I stepped out in faith to pioneer Africa Missions. All I had was a dream to start a Bible College in Kenya. That is right. A Dream! With no income. No Office. No vehicle. No support of any description. (Click picture to read all Africa Missions has accomplished.)








We joined with the Guenet Church of Ethiopia to train leaders to evangelize to preach the Oromia Province in Ethiopia. (Click picture to read more.)










July 2019—We have been busy in Ethiopia spreading the Gospel! Herman Hinsbeeck of Africa Missions trained 50 pastors for the Emmanuel United Church in Ethiopia in April 2018.......they first launched two pilot projects to test the effectiveness thereof. The results were astounding. The Gospel was presented to 12,000. Of that number 2,000 people received Jesus in the last year.




June 2019—We celebrate over 170,000 souls birthed into the Kingdom of Heaven in Central-East Africa through our Evangelism Training in the last ten years. We are now trusting the Lord to help us grow this figure to 500,000 by the year 2023!


And in Ethiopia in the next ten years are goal is 100,000 new Church-nurtured Christians! Click picture to read more.











May 2019—Mozambique victims survived the cyclones and floods and now return to find their homes demolished! God is using His Church to give them a shelter and help in time of need.







April 2019—Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique and Malawi with a heard blow on March 15 causing severe flooding! This terrible tropical storm has blown over these beautiful beaches and displaced 600,00 of our neighbors providing a breeding ground for despair, disease, and great need. Africa Missions is leading the charge to help the churches and believers in these flood damaged areas.



February 2019—One of our graduates—Pastor Desire—has been an amazing evangelist in Burundi. He has personally led over 20,000 people to Jesus!








January 2019—Ron Kinnear has a blessing for you...(Click to read more)










December 2018—Jesus is our Reason, why we do what we do, why we go where we go! He is the reason that we celebrate!

For you will go before the face of the Lord to prepare His ways, To give knowledge of salvation to His people By the remission of their sins...

Thank you for partnering with us! (Read more)




November 2018—Ron Kinnear celebrates 50 Years! When Ron Kinnear was a young pastor in Cape Town, he dreamed of spreading the love and knowledge of Jesus from Cape Town to Cairo. Now 50 years later the reality is that Ron Kinnear has just two more countries to accomplish this great endeavor.




October 2018—Rwanda is in crisis, but in this problem there are also opportunities. Our Rwanda Bible College is open and enrolling even more students to help churches to meet even more government requirements.








September 2018—The #1 Church that is closest to meeting the requirements is our Mother Church in Rwanda—the Nyamirambo Church. We have a commitment from the Rwanda authorities that if the paving of the parking is completed the church will be re-opened. What you see stacked are the pavers drying. Will you help us re-open this church?






It is reported that approximately 7,000 Houses of Worship have been closed by the government of Rwanda for having failed to comply with new stringent regulations. Of the 16 churches we planted only two were allowed to function as normal. The two churches that remain were allowed to stay open as they had their own church facilities. It is as if we are starting over again in Rwanda! (Click to read more)







Ron Kinnear rejoices, "The Fellowship Network in the U.S. declared Rina and me as their 2018—Missionaries of the Year! I emphasized that we are only co-labourers with Christ. He is the one who is building His Church. Our dear friend, The Fellowshp Director of Missions Ken Harbaum, said the award was given in recognition of our commitment to take the Gospel from Cape Town to Cairo."







Our new goal for the next 5-years—500,000 new church-nurtured Christians! Click to see our newsletter and 3-minute video about our new goal, our training campuses, and the challenges in Rwanda








Africa Missions Bible College—Rwanda is in in danger of Closing! The Rwanda government has closed 6,000-7,000 houses of worship!Our Africa Missions Bible College—Rwanda almost suffered the same fate.

We need your help to keep it open!






Did you know that Ron Kinnear was not always on God’s team?
Watch the video (or read the transcript) and find out his amazing journey from Gangs to God!











March 2018—Our mission is to spread the knowledge of Jesus from Cape Town to Cairo and we are busy now with Ethiopia! We covet your prayers as we see amazing possibilities for the results of our continuing Evangelizing Training Program in Ethiopia.






February 2018—Learn about Ron Kinnear’s salvation and his call to missions in this interview with Gary Gilmore, Africa Missions Administrator.








January 2018—God is on the Move in Ethiopia! We have made contact with Christian groups who want our evangelism training.












December 2017—And we thank God that you have joined us in bringing 170,000 new church-nurtured Christians in the last nine years. The future is bright as our goal is to raise that figure to 500,000 new Christians in the next 5 years!










November 2017—We appreciate you!  Thank you for joining with us!














September 2017—It's exciting to see an overview of the projects God is allowing us to as vehicles to help make a highway for God and His Glory through Africa! (Click the picture to see this news)










August 2017—See pictures of our trip to Rwanda and Burundi and a list of the accomplishments we have made the first half of 2017(Click to read this AM News)











9-Year Goal of 150,000 Broken! Announcing 170,000 new church-nurtured Christians through Africa Missions Evangelism Training!!!


This edition also contains very valuable information from Ron Kinnear about this 9-year project.








June 2017—We traveled to Rwanda & Burundi and had an amazing time! We trained, baptized, saw the gifts in action, and enjoyed sweet fellowship and favor.










Africa Missions Uganda Celebrates 20 years!

May 2017—We celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Church in Uganda! Africa Missions helped pioneer this great work. (Click to read)









April 2017—This year we are returning to the places we have trained pastors in evangelism and we are having Celebrations! We will have banquets and receive the pastors reports of how many they have won to the Lord! (Click to read more)







March 2017—The new roof is up on our Africa Missions Bible College—Rwanda Principal's House and Team Guesthouse! Now we need to finish this house with doors and windows. Will you help us?(Click to read more.)








February 2017—What a wonderful Strategic Plannng Meeting we had with our Africa Missions Board of Directors when we met earlier this year for two days. Peter de Witt (chairman of the BOD) and Jannie van der Merwe (Executive Committee chairman and Ron’s personal coach) led the planning sessions with the other members of the board: Rina Kinnear, Gary and Judy Gilmore, Brad Espen, and myself. (Click to read more)





January 2017—We are thrilled and excited to realize the pastors Africa Missions has empowered with evangelism training are not only empowered to grow their own churches, but they are changing people’s destinies today and forever, as well as changing Africa from darkness to light one person at a time!







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